We offer stimulating dog walking for your dog either on their own or with a maximum of 3 others with a suitable temperament. If we do need to use the "Pet Mobile" it is a comfortable ride to a suitable, green walk. All dogs in our care need to be under kind control and therefore on or off lead according to that requirement. Of course other responsibilities require us to dispose of doggie toilet which we will of course do.

If your dear older veteran needs a slow amble or your hectic puppy needs more play than walk, we will adjust to them! Most active dogs will step out for a half hour walk. Just ask and we can plan around your needs.

We will let you know how things went on our outings, by leaving a daily written record for your information on your return.

Puppy Walks

We have found that from the very first opportunity after a puppy's innoculations, that our additional walking brings many benefits.

Starting with short walks and building over time, we can introduce your pup to many human and canine experiences. Our dog "Flash" is an ideal friend to introduce early on to make sure that the first exposure to another dog is a positive, balanced and kind one. Flash serves as a role model too when out on the first walks. This cannot be overstated as a plus point. This beginning of socialising, especially in combination with an owner's consistent work, reaps satisfying rewards for all. With every confidence we urge you to call us.


Do ask us questions. Frequently, our services overlap with pet shop equipment, behaviourist specialists, grooming services, etc. We will share our experiences with you.

Many other questions in the form of "What if my dog . . ." are brilliantly addressed in the recommended book "Doglopaedia".


Flash and Puppy out for a walk

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