We offer a personal, discreet, tailor made package. This can be any length of time but usually most needs are catered for within a short visit of up to fifteen minutes. If required we can send you a text afterwards to put you at ease.

For example, visits could be for:-

- a let out into the garden
- giving routine medication by prior agreement
- puppy care. Structured support in the early weeks can mean a lifetime of good habits.

We have had so much success with the controlled socialisation of young dogs. Using our experience for the human touch and our trained dog "Flash" for the canine input, you can access a unique service. We can use the 15 minute visits (either one on its own or more that are staggered) to gradually integrate a small walk. These often lead into the dog walking service so seamlessly that owners are pleasantly surprised at the progress.

We will only start our service once we are all familiarised and happy to go! Then we won't be stangers anymore and the multiple of tasks you thought were just too difficult to explain will be in writing and ready to follow. We can return keys or keep them secure at an undisclosed place ready for short notice visits. Just think too… you will never be locked out.

A Well Earned Break

You do deserve that extra last minute getaway, day trip or holiday. If you would like to take overtime or additional shift work, we can visit/let out your pet.

Laura and Twinkle

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