* (Puppies referred to here are 8-16 weeks of age)

Are you planning the addition of a new puppy? PPC is pleased to offer assistance with puppy training.

Generally many owners would like a mannerly dog that is a pleasure to walk so it is vitally important to use the gift of this special learning window that puppies have. This is why the basics most often taught and progressed after gaining pups attention are:

But also frequently asked questions can be considered such as

There are times you just can't beat being shown how to do something on a one to one. Alan and June (often together) are happy to share their training and experience according to your request however short or long. One session or several. Or maybe that's just not known yet.
Call or email for a free chat to work out an estimate and plan.

Appointments can be made any day of the week at times that suit you and puppy. Other advantages to such a flexible tailored arrangement include:

Last year in the local area Prime Pet Care helped some owners and their pups through the early weeks right through to adulthood. The pups grew in stature, confidence and behaviour. The proud owners said of their puppies......

"We couldn't have managed without the support of such a kind and flexible service as Prime Pet Care. They listened and worked with the training expectations we had, and the contintual small doses of training paid off especially making a decent recall a reality".

Daisy - The Beagle

"Our rescue Dachshund grew from a shy, nervous rescue pup into a bright and confident dog due to all our combined and patient efforts. Thank you Prime Pet Care."

Lola - The Dachshund

"Quite simply Billy can't wait to see you each visit. He was and still is an energetic dog and is finding real fulfilment in using his training to solve problems. We have found this to be an invaluable service."

Billy - Bichon Frise



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